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Welcome to another edition of CKW Magazine. This issue is about showcasing individuals and the power to create change. Our cover images were so fun to create. Many people from all walks of life came together to show the power of unity.

I have entitled this issue “We Are Power!”

As we all can attest to the world changes daily, and we are all a part of the global community and at some point,  we must accept our part of the accountability that comes with that.

No. we cannot instantly change the world. However, we each possess the power to impart goodwill towards one another and that is what creates positive change in our society. We can create positive changes in our community by volunteering, or by using any of our talents to impact others and to set a good example. There will always be challenges, yet we can rise to those challenges and overcome the obstacles we face together as a community of people who are willing to reinvest in each other with a smile, or a kind word to recharge the spirit.

Here at CKW magazine we are always evolving and always changing due to the vision we have. Our hope is that you will do the same and evolve to the best version of yourself as well. Then and only then will we see that working together can take us so much further than working apart.



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